Here you can find an English version of three bioinformatics activities which were selected from the full collection of activities that appear in Hebrew in the learning environment entitled "bioinformatics in the service of biotechnology".  Provided in here  a short description of the steps students take while experiencing each of these activities. This website does not exhibit the structural features of the original environment, and  other parts of the environment e.g. introduction unit or bioinformatics toolbox unit but is limited to show three activities from the full collection of the activities.

The web-based learning environment is aimed at introducing bioinformatics into a high-school biotechnology curriculum, and was developed in 2011. Since then, Israeli biotechnology majors use the environment to learn bioinformatics. The learning environment "bioinformatics in the service of biotechnology" was described in detail in several publications (Machluf, Gelbart, Ben-Dor, & Yarden, 2017; Machluf & Yarden, 2013). The full version of the web-based learning environment is accessible to both students and teachers in Hebrew in the Israeli Ministry of Education website which is closed by a password to other users. 


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